Close to the city of Groningen we find the oldest man-made landscape of the Netherlands, the Middag-Humsterland National Park. From the early Iron Age on people have lived here on “wierden”, man-made residential mounds. They are the treasure houses of the northern coastal area. After a visit to the museum, you might like to go on a cycling trip with one of our guides and discover how prehistoric man lived on a “wierde”.


In the Wierdenland Museum the spacious “wierden”-landscape and its history of human settlement are on display. Ezinge is internationally famous for the excavations by Albert van Giffen between 1923 and 1934. Historic photographs, utensils, jewellery and other extraordinary finds such as a double horse grave are evidence of the long history of human settlement in this area.

Temporary exhibitions

In addition to permanent historical exhibitions the museum organizes temporary exhibitions shedding a different light on the “wierden”- landscape: it has inspired poets and painters, for example. How its present-day inhabitants see it is another theme.

Archaeological Information Point

At the Archaeological Information Point, which is free of charge, a detailed film and 3D photographs show all aspects of Middag-Humsterland, one of the twenty Dutch National Parks.

Especially for Children: “Discover the Past”

In the past people used to make things themselves. In this interactive exhibition children discover all kinds of things about daily life on a “wierde” from prehistoric times until the end of the Middle Ages, on the basis of excavated utensils. They can also go on an exciting quest in the museum. Visit our website for special activities during the holidays and at weekends.

Museum shop and Museum café

In the Museum Café you can enjoy a cup of coffee and cake or a snack. The café can also be hired in combination with a museum activity. In the Museum Shop you will find books, hiking and cycling routes, postcards and various gifts.
Translated from Dutch by Arie Molendijk,
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